Big News On The Zenith H500 tube type shortwave radio-------09/03/2016
The Count Of Ostein Crest

  • I found out tonight on shortwave radio that China purchased the JP Morgan Building across the street from the New York Federal Reserve. It's no secret that there was and still is a tunnel that runs under the street to connect the JP Morgan Building and the Fed's gold depository 3 stories under the street. In years past this was a necessary to settle international accounts.. Also in that shortwave broadcast it was explained that the US Federal Reserve System has started the process to merge the Bank of China with the Fed. The Chinese were worried about the solvency of the Fed and it appears that china and the USA are working on a way to avoid or lessen the effect of a future collapse of the Euro and the US Dollar. The dollar is no longer the main international currency but is among a select few that will be put into a basket of currencies to lighten the effect on the worlds financial system. The USA is not number 1 anymore--but shares it's influence with other major currencies.


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