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The Federal Reserve Has Run Out Of Ideas. ---My Solution--------------
The Count Of Ostein Crest
It's so simple folks---we need a trickle up situation. There is an easy a tried and true method that seems to have been forgotten about. Richard Nixon, Gerry Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ron Reagan and even George W. used this----. If you filed a tax return last year the treasury sends you a "stimulus Check" to spend on items. I suggest we add something new to the bar codes on new mechandise---something like a VIN [vehicle Identification Number] with the code starting with a number 1 would mead the product was assembled in the USA. The next digit could be from 1-5 indicating how much of the products parts were made in the USA. Once the bar codes are in place offer the stimulus check and at checkout at the store the American made goods would ring up at 50% off compared to foreign made goods. People would look at the bar codes and make their own minds up--but it would get USA companies back up and running.


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