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Americans Must Use Old Style Voting Machines To get A True American Vote
The Count Of Ostein Crest
It has been reported that the Russians and the Chinese have found a way to hack into computers that run the newer type voting machines. That means that our elections could be representing the Russians and the Chinese. Karl Rove is no longer the sole flipper of votes in the USA. I think we need to get on this right away and demand that the old mechanical voting machines be used for the Presidential Election in November. We need to stop feeding vital things into computers that can be hacked. Mechanical things were always reliable before and can't flip votes by using a keyboard. If you are still concerned about how they count votes--I would suggest that you do as I am going to do and use an absentee ballot and mail my vote in. There is a chance that the form I will use can be scanned by a computer and my vote would go through a hackable computer. I suggest if your absentee ballot has any kind of bar code on it --that you use a felt tipped pen and scratch over the bar code so your ballot will have to be manually read. This is a very serious election---we have to make it represent what we Americans want and not allow outsiders to determine


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