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We Need The Right To Recall Obstructionist Politicians
The Count Of Ostein Crest
I am tired of the obstructionists bringing this government into a STOP position. If politicians ever try this stunt again we citizens need to have a way to get rid of those who refuse to do their job. I think it is time for us Americans to have the right of political RECALL --so we can remove politicians who seem to be putting the concerns of citizens on the back burner. WE have now all seen how destructive inaction in politics is. It's time to hit back at the jerks trying to destroy the USA. We need to remove those that seek to harm us. Remember--many of you--just like me have taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution from ALL ENEMIES --both foreign and domestic. Obstructionism is a political terrorist attack on the good people of the USA. Let's get busy.


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