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Hitting Back At The New World Order---Protect Your Vote----------
The Count Of Ostein Crest
To avoid Putin or the Chinese for changing your vote for president do not vote at the polling place that uses voting machine readers. The Russians and the Chinese have been caught doing Americans voting. To stop this nonsense--request a absentee ballot and mail it in. I checked with the Seneca County Board of Elections and you can request a temporary or permanent registration for absentee ballots. The Absentee Votes are hand counted but later bundled up and sent to Albany and run through "readers" to verify the hand count votes. Call the Seneca County Board of Elections and if you are a Democrat speak to a Mr. Same. I think I ruined his day when I told him that no matter how careful New York State Is---the Chinese and Russians are as smart or smarter that us. If they can hack into our missile system--they can hack into the voting machine. I told Mr. Same I don't want Vladimir Putin casting my vote. That's exactly what will happen if you use the new voting equipment that you think is so safe. We have to stop letting fewer and fewer people from stealing things in the computers--especially our votes. Make your vote count---get a absentee ballot.


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