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The Only Way Don Trump Can Get Elected-------Be A Patriot--Vote By Absentee Ballot
The Count Of Ostein Crest
Attention Don Trump Supporters---With voting machines scanning your ballot --your vote goes into a computer. Mr. Trump has little chance of winning the election if that computer is hacked into and voting numbers changed. The Russians and the Chinese have been caught hacking into our voting machine computers twice that is known of and they may have done it thousands of times. We will never know for sure. The New World Order is on the march to get their candidates in power to complete the next round of financial collapse. SOLUTION----- Call your local Board Of Elections and order an absentee ballot to be mailed to your home. I checked today and absentee ballots are hand counted locally and then sent to be "scanned" to see if the numbers match. This way you will be voting for who you want and not Vladimir Putin , the Chinese and the New World Order Thugs. We are down to the wire folks. Be a patriot and not a patsy for those who hold so much concentrated power. The Rumor is---the next president has already been elected by the power thugs. Now are you surprised by that? You know deep down inside the power thugs will cheat---you can help mess up their plans.


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