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Saying Goodbye To An Old Friend And Workhorse For the Von Richter Family
The Count Of Ostein Crest
This car was purchased new at Palmyra Motors by my mother. My mother who loved golf was told this car was sent to pick up Arnold Palmer at the Rochester Airport and take him to LGPA Tournament where he was invited to be a guest of the tournament. She paid the full price for this car because of it's history. A beautiful car with the carriage top roof and fluorescent lighting on the upper door posts. The Car is white and had gold pinstriping. This car gave over 12 years of service to the family. This car--like almost all Caprice's of this model year had the 4 doors rust out. It took almost 2 years to find some doors that had no rust and also had the "Aero" outside mirrors. The replacement doors are grey and are mounted in the body--but there is where the project stopped. These Caprices were sought after by the Saudi's when the Caprice line body style was changed in 1990. This 1987 Caprice holds 25 gallons of gasoline and is very well appointed for a Chevrolet. The Saudi's hired Americans to track down the owners of this style Caprice and my Dad turned down an offer for twice what the Bluebook suggested by a guy that came to our home. I told Dad he was crazy not to take that offer. Dad said they would be back with a better offer. He found out the Saudi's liked these Caprices because they can go 500 miles between fill ups. The Saudi's also had a nickname for these cars. They called them " Desert Camels" because they went so far without refueling. This style Caprice is now the Chevy that is popular in California because it has been modified and chopped down to make them expensive street rods. The engine runs last I knew and there is a clicking hydraulic lifter. The brakes were new but put on 10 years ago and need to be torn down and cleaned up. The exhaust I remember replacing and the pipes are shiny if you look under the car. The interior was ripped up because the cars door windows were not installed and it looks like cats made a home in this car. This car has been in the garage for 8-9 years. I would love to see this car restored. Please no "low ball" attempts. I would rather build a new garage then to let this car go too cheap. I have listed the car because I thought serious collectors would like to know a "one owner "Barn Find" is out there.


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